Flight's story

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'Metamorphosis as a Metaphor for life'

This album is a journey where every track is part of a story. 

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[FIS] (flight information service)

1. Flight
It all begins with the arrival of the egg. That's where the journey begins. Flight stands for the start of a journey.

2. Caterpillar
In order to be ready for the transformation, the caterpillar has to eat as much as possible.

3. Ecdysone
To grow, the caterpillar needs to molt. This hormone helps the caterpillar to molt until the level of another hormone, called the juvenile hormone, gets low.

4. Chrysalis
With less juvenile hormone around, instead of inducing a regular molt, the ecdysone now drives the caterpillar to pupate.

5. Imago (with αβeats∞)
After getting out in a new form, the butterfly is now an adult. This is also called the imaginal stage. And the butterfly will finally be able to fly.

6. Metamorphosis (with JunglEX5)
With the completion of the metamorphosis, a new cycle can begin for the next generation of butterflies.

7. The Metaphor
Metamorphosis is what the previous songs where about. It can be seen as a metaphor for life:
       1. "Flight":
Being born. Your arrival is where the journey starts.
       2. "Caterpillar":
Like childhood, learning to walk and basically learning a lot.
       3. "Ecdysone":
Like puberty when major changes take place. Sometimes early, sometimes late.
       4. "Chrysalis":
It takes years before you are considered an adult and puberty is not always pleasant. It may sometimes feel like you are trapped.
       5. "Imago":
It's time to leave home and start a life of your own.
       6. "Metamorphosis":
And so the metamorphosis will start all over again with the next generation that you procreate.

Of course, everyone can fill in their own metaphor for every track because we are all creative beings.

Let's explore some potential "future" events now:

8. Singularity Jam
The improvement of systems happens faster and faster. And as we improve the ability of systems to improve themselves, there will be improvements beyond our own ability to comprehend what is exactly happening until we rethink improvement itself (although AI systems may become even more advanced there).

9. BioChip
At some point there will be no clear distinction between biological machines and technological machines. As some machines get smaller and smaller (nano-scale and beyond), when we observe them, the ways and scales at which they operate will become indistinguishable from the way biological machines operate (biological and non-biological materials will also have the same fate).

Now it's time to return to the "now":

10. Bourbon (with DyaNangaNow)
A rose of a variety that flowers over a long period and has a rich scent. It arose as a natural hybrid on the island of Réunion (formerly Île de Bourbon) and was introduced into Europe in the early 19th century.
Which Bourbon did you think this track was about?

We hope you enjoyed the 'Journey'
or in other words the: 'Flight'