'Creating music together'

By making music with others, there are possibilities to combine multiple genres.

The whole idea of GronTapu is worldwide collaboration. By exploring polyStylism, all borders will eventually fade away.

The internet makes it possible for the whole world to collaborate.
Feel free to contact us to create music together.

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Freedom Moments

by Kapasi & Kaperka

'Exploring moments in freedom'

We are free in house.

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Imagine That (Devoid hypothesis)

by αβeats∞ & Kaperka

'From energy to eternity.'

Collaboration between αβeats∞ & Kaperka.

'αβeats∞' is 'Alpha Beats Infinity'
'Kaperka' translates to 'Butterfly'

'Imagine That' is the soundtrack for The Devoid hypothesis. The 'theory' of ubiquity.
A different view on the ubiquitous nature of energy, putting the 'how' of things in a different perspective.

Cover-image by Arek Socha via Pixabay.

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Mixed Acoustics

'Creating music together'

Collaboration between Kapasi, Kaperka, αβeats∞ & UniCodeD. 

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